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Sex, Drugs and Football Thugs

What does a football hooligan firm do outside football? In the case of Mark Chester and the infamous Stoke City Naughty Forty, the answer was: live off their wits and burn the candle at both ends.

Chester left his native Stoke in the mid-Eighties in search of something more than the buzz of terrace violence. He lived in North Africa with a pickpocket gang called The Hawks and dealt hash and coke in the Spanish coastal resorts, fighting off rival Moroccan dealers. After returning to London as a down-and-out – “to strip myself bare” – he took off again for Benidorm and the start of the rave scene scene.

Soon the Stoke boys had teamed up with the 6.57 Crew from Portsmouth to run Ecstasy rackets, driving pills in from Holland hidden in the tanks of motorbikes and clashing with international organised crime bosses.

The Nineties saw Chester in California, enjoying riotous road trips with prostitutes and taking jaunts to watch the England football team abroad, and the inevitable carnage that ensued.

Sex, Drugs and Football Thugs is part travelogue, part confessional, and by turns harrowing and hilarious.


‘Brilliant stories and crazy adventures. Highly entertaining.’ – LADSMAG

‘Pills,thrills and a good kicking or two. All dished out by an author with bigger bollocks than a Knave workie after a porno shoot.’ – KNAVE

‘As a football fan myself, I was most intrigued to get into the mind of and understand what makes a football hooligan tick and what would they do with their life outside of Championship fixtures. The result is a pulsating read, at times brutally graphic, and occasionally hard to stomach, yet it is a surprisingly easy read in that it is impossible to put the book down. Jasper is a full-bodied bloke, he shoots from the hip, loves the thrill of what life can throw at you and seeks to pack in as many different life experiences as he can. At times part confessional, in others part-travelogue, you can’t help but warm to his thuggish yet unswervingly loyal character. His sordid grimy sex tales are cringingly vulgar, the football violence scenes crazed and adrenalin-charged, the vivid descriptions of other cultures richly told, and the booze and drug-fuelled firm mayhem holidays with the Stoke City Naughty 40 are affectionately and proudly retold. A read that won’t tickle everyone’s fancy, but for the adventurous reader, it is a book you won’t forget. THE CRACK

‘Imagine Raymond Chandler, Charles Bukowski and Laurie Lee collaborating on a book. Well, fantasize no longer. Mark Chester’s often sleazy adventures are written with poignancy and in beautiful, painterly detail. Alligned to this is an impeccable deployment of humour. The author of ‘Naughty’ has consolidated his unassailed position as the master of the ‘hoolie-lit’ genre. But like so many greats it seems he’s retiring at the top: ‘And that’s it.’He writes,’Two books and you’ve had your lot.’ I hope this is only in respect of his autobiographical offerings. It would be interesting to see Chester take on the challenge of novel writing and, endeavour to marry his proven descriptive talent with a classical plot. Otherwise we will all be deprived of a formiddable potential. Maybe Milo books could diversify and facilitate this route for Mr Chester? Sex Drugs and Football Thugs is so mesmerizing that I read all 328 pages in one nine-hour sitting.AMAZON.CO.UK

About the author:

Mark Chester has appeared on numerous television documentaries on the subject of football related disorder including the Real Football Factories on Bravo. He is the author of the bestseller, Naughty (Milo Books).

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