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White Riot

In the last decade of the 20th century, a gang of neo-nazi thugs launched a campaign of terror on Britain’s streets. They recruited skinheads, violent racists and the most notorious football hooligans, and took their name from the first and eighth letters of the alphabet, the initials of Adolf Hitler. Their aim was simple: to start a racial war.

In this shocking expose, investigative journalist Nick Lowles tells how Combat 18 fought street battles with their political rivals, muscled their way to control of the lucrative ‘Blood and Honour’ music scene, forged links with Loyalist paramilitaries in Northern ireland and dreamt of creating a whites-only homeland. They led attacks by England soccer fans, targeted celebrities and inspired an orgy of mayhem across Europe, culminating in car bombings, riots and the murder of police officers. Finally their leaders fell out in a feud that left on man dead and two others serving life jail terms.

WHITE RIOT is a riveting investigation of the extreme far-right and a stark warning of the dangers of a hate-filled ideology.

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