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First came the Teds, then the Mods, Rockers, Hippies, Skinheads, Suedeheads and Punks. But by the late Seventies, a new youth fashion had appeared in Britain. Its adherents were often linked to violent football gangs, wore designer sportswear and made the bootboys of previous years look like the dinosaurs they were.

They were known as scallies, Perry Boys, trendies and dressers. But the name that stuck was Casuals. And this grassroots phenomenon, largely ignored by the media, was to change the face of both British fashion and international style.

Casuals recounts how the working-class fascination with sharp dressing and sartorial one-upmanship crystallised the often bitter rivalries of the hooligan gangs and how their culture spread across the terraces, clubs and beyond. It is the definitive book for football, music and fashion obsessives alike.


‘An encyclopedia of the casual way of life and a convincing argument for the importance of the movement in British youth culture.’ MAXIM

‘The rise of the Casual is revealed!’ DAILY RECORD

‘For anyone intrigued by the origins of a genuinely autonomous youth movement, Thornton’s intricate study and compilation of eye witness accounts is the new standard bearer’. THE WORD

‘An essential read for all purveyors of terrace culture.’

About the author:

Phil Thornton has written for numerous newspapers and magazines and is a member of Partizan Media based in Liverpool.

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