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Doing The Doors

Robin Barratt is Britain’s most travelled bouncer. In twenty years he has worked the doors all over the UK and in that time he also became a close protection expert, martial artist and bodyguard. He has seen friends shot dead beside him and has set out to shoot people himself. He has been to the brink and back.

Yet Barratt belies the archetype of a ‘bouncer.’ He is well-spoken, well-read and formidably well-travelled – though you cross him at your peril.

He began his career cleaning up bikers’ pubs in Norwich before being exposed by The Times for a steroid-dealing ring. In Manchester he encountered some of the most violent gangs in the country, experiences he put to use working in trouble spots including Bosnia, Israel, Nigeria and Russia.

Written with pace, humour and unflinching honesty, Doing The Doors is an inside account of the life of a modern-day door security specialist and a riveting insight into a twilight world.


‘A cracking read, don’t miss it.’ FRONT

‘From the hardest nightclubs to the world’s warzones, Robin Barratt is the toughest of the tough.’NUTS

About the author:

Robin Barratt has been a doorman for over twenty and is a founder member of the Worldwide Federation of Bodyguards. He is the author of How To Find Work As A Bodyguard, theInternational Directory of Security and Executive Protection and Confessions of a Doorman (Diverse Publishing, 2006).

Robin is also a freelance journalist, photographer and publisher.

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