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Gun Law

Andy Hailwood arrested terrorists, drug barons, psychopathic killers and armed robbers, and took part in some of the most dangerous operations of recent years. At the height of Manchester’s gang wars he attended up to six armed incidents a day.

Joining Greater Manchester Police as a cadet at the age of sixteen, he witnessed the riots in Moss Side and Toxteth in the early 1980’s, experiences that led him to join the Tactical Aid Group, a tough unit noted for uncompromising tactics. Four years with TAG saw him clash with football hooligans, protect supergrasses, and guard child killer Myra Hindley on her return to Saddleworth Moor.

In 1987, he transferred to the VO8 Firearms Department, whose hard-hitting reputation earned them fear, hatred and respect in equal measure from the underworld. He tackled the robbery gangs of Salford, helped crack an IRA cell, ambushed top-level members of the notorious Cali drugs cartel and entered Strangeways Prison alone during the riot that wrecked the jail. Laced with black humour,Gun Law is the authentic inside account of those who daily risk their lives in pursuit of our most dangerous criminals.


‘If you considered getting yourself involved in serious criminal activity in Manchester, the chances are you’d find yourself looking down the business end of his Heckler.’ FRONT

‘A graphic account of almost two decades in the firing line.’ THE TIMES

‘His writing has the no-nonsense, professional approach you’d expect from someone whose day job involved infiltrating prisons and crack dens.’ CITY LIFE

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