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For 15 years, Mickey Francis and his brothers led a succession of violent gangs following one of Britain’s biggest clubs: Manchester City.

They fought scores of pitched battles with rival firms until their bloody reign was brought to an end by the police Omega Squad in the most successful undercover operation of its kind.

Mickey Francis was the first of the hooligan ‘top boys’ to break his silence and this book has become the acknowledged classic of the genre and a bestseller.


‘The most explosive book about soccer violence…Ever!’ SUNDAY SPORT

‘As far removed from Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch as it is possible to get.’

‘Compulsive reading…riveting stuff.’ INSIDE SPORT

‘As an insight into the mind of a hooligan, it probably won’t be bettered.’ MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS

‘A gripping read.’ BBC RADIO FIVE LIVE

‘A mix of graphic and brutal detail and honesty.’ TOTAL SPORT

About the author:

Mickey Francis is now one of UK wrestling’s hottest properties and the All Nations Heavyweight Champion of the World. For more information visit

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