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King of the Gypsies

Bartley Gorman was the greatest bareknuckle fighter of modern times. He reigned as King of the Gypsies for twenty years, beating all comers in illegal contests at fairs and racetracks, down mineshafts and in quarries, on campsites and car parks. He fought for honour and pride and became a legend among the travelling community.

In this hard-hitting autobiography, completed shortly before his death, he lays bare the secret world of illicit prize-fighting and recalls his violent clashes with professional boxers, martial artists, streetfighters, wildmen and the lawless ‘Suicide Fighters’ who seek out the top champions of the day. He describes great fighters of the past like the infamous Uriah ‘Big Just’ Burton, the challenges he threw out to London hardmen Lennie McLean and Roy Shaw, and the brutal mob attack that almost cost his life on St Leger Day at Doncaster Races.

As told to best-selling writer Peter Walsh, author of Gang War and Cocky: The Rise and Fall of Curtis Warren, his extraordinary memoir offers not only a rare insight into a hidden world but also contains many rare photographs and unveils the formidable new breed of fighting travellers.


‘A rare glimpse into a secret world.’ THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

‘Well-written, interesting – and often gory.’ BOXING NEWS

‘Every page shines…a tremendous book.’ TRAVELLER

About the authors

Bartley Gorman died at the age of 57 in January 2002.

Peter Walsh is a former investigative journalist for the BBC and author or co-author of seven books including Gang War and Cocky, both published by Milo Books.

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