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The Blackpool Rock

To the police, he was Public Enemy Number One. To drunken gangs of yobs intent on trouble, he was a nightmare come true. Steve Sinclair was the toughest doorman in the wildest resort in Britain. And if you crossed him, payback was swift and certain

Blackpool, once a byword for cheeky family fun, had by the 1980s become a violent town plagued by lager louts and villains intent on muscling in on the lucrative club trade. Sinclair worked the biggest clubs and the roughest doors. He and his closest associates fought hundreds of battles against football hooligans, drug dealers and rival hardmen. They were also branded organised gangsters and were blamed by the police for many serious unsolved crimes.

The Blackpool Rock is a candid insight into the dangerous world of the modern doorman and of the extreme methods he sometimes employs to defend himself and his customers and to uphold his hard-won reputation.

What they said:

‘Guaranteed to make you keep your trap shut next time you think about getting lairy in a British seaside resort nightclub.’ – ZOO

‘A compelling and gripping tale chronicling the life of an extraordinary doorman.’ On The Doors magazine

‘Hard as rock.’ – The Blackpool Gazette

‘A well-written story.’ – Professional Security Magazine

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