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We Hate Humans

We Hate Humans is a landmark in the study of soccer violence. The first book to give voice to the denizens of the terraces, it followed seven years of research onto the violent ‘ends’ of Britain’s football grounds, such as Chelsea’s Shed and Manchester United’s Stretford End. Through the vivid speech of the fans themselves, it chronicles a subculture of disaffected young men, their lives and backgrounds and their reasons for fighting.

Tough-minded socialist David Robins wrote at a time when thousands were joining the dole queues each month and hooliganism was at its height. He captured the birth of what became the ‘casual’ soccer scene and his study of the rivalries between different fans, described by one newspaper as ‘written from among the human wreckage of Thatcherism’, is a bizarre, scary, sometimes funny and always thought-provoking look at one of the most intriguing social topics of our times.

What they said:

‘Robins promises no panaceas for the politicians and no moral judgements on the kids, yet the entire book becomes the most comprehensive condemnation of a society ignorant of its responsibilities and apparently dedicated to writing off an entire generation’

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