Happy Bank Holiday from ‘Alice Diamond and the Forty Elephants’

A short extract from the book about a young woman called Jenny Diver who lived in Covent Garden.

A young, wealthy gentleman was lured by Jenny into visiting various playhouses but could not for the life of him discover where she lived and with whom. His infatuation led him to propose marriage. Jenny dismissed his request by claiming she already had a husband while, at the same time, hinting that she returned his affection. After being invited to what she claimed was her home, while her non-existent husband was away on business, the besotted man was taken into her bedchamber. When he had removed most of his clothing, Annie Murphy burst into the room exclaiming with great alarm that Jenny’s husband was approaching the house. The dupe was persuaded to hide beneath the bed covers while his clothes and possessions were taken to another room to be hidden. He lay in the bed for many hours before daring to call out, when he realised he had been locked in. Missing were his gold topped cane, sword with gold hilt, gold watch and a considerable sum in gold coins. Jenny had also managed to remove his diamond ring during an embrace. The owner of the house said he knew nothing of a young lady residing there and demanded recompense for items taken from his home and for damage to his bedroom door. The young man paid up to avoid being exposed to his society friends and returned to his home in Yorkshire, a much-chastened man.