Muhammad Ali and the Philadelphia’s Black Mafia

Sean Patrick Griffin is the author of Superbad the most detailed account ever of an African-American organised crime mob.

Since the death of Muhammad Ali on June 3rd 2016, Griffin was concerned to read incorrect accounts published linking Ali with a legendary hustler Major Coxson.

In his blog Griffin explains:

On June 4th, for example, the New York Times had a commentary which included this line: “Ali sometimes fell in with the wrong crowd, including his friend Major Coxson, a politician and gangster in Cherry Hill, N.J., who was killed in a 1973 mob hit.”  [Also, e.g., see here.]

I would be very interested in knowing how many Times readers had a clue what was being discussed.  Who was Coxson?  How close a friend was Coxson to Ali?  What mob?  What mob hit?  Was Ali, himself, ever a target, and/or was he otherwise involved in that edgy and violent scene?

Griffin’s explanation to these complex questions is a minutely detailed and fascinating read.

Muhammad Ali and Philadelphia’s Black Mafia