Remembering Gordon Goody, the Great Train Robber

On the afternoon of Sunday, 31 January 2016, the Great Train Robber Gordon Goody was laid to rest at the local cemetery in Vera, Almeria, in southern Spain, where he had lived for the previous 40-odd years. Around 250 people attended his funeral, mostly expats and local Spanish, testament to his popularity in the community.

Gordon’s notoriety was such that his death was announced all over the world.

Describing him as the ” The quartermaster of the Great Train Robbery”, The Telegraph obituary refers extensively to his book: “He was credited with being deputy to the gang’s leader, Bruce Reynolds, but the vainglorious Goody took exception to being so described, complaining in his memoir How To Rob a Train (2014) that ‘I wasn’t number two to anybody’. One of the detectives on the case described him as being the ‘brilliant quartermaster’ who ensured that all the equipment, vehicles and personnel were in place.”

“He was a complete gentleman far removed from the image that those who didn’t know him might have had from those difficult years that marked a large part of his life.”

“We will always remember his smile and his big heart that was always open to those around him.” The Telegraph

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