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Bouncers. Reviled, feared and admired in equal measure – yet rarely are their voices heard. What they can’t tell their customers, their bosses or the cops, they have now told Julian Davies and Terry Currie.

From the nervous first-nighter to the hardened veteran, here are the unforgettable voices of dozens of door staff from across the UK and abroad…the drugs, girls and gangs…the doorwars, reprisals and straighteners…the sex mad groupies and broken marriages…the hardmen, nutters, cowards and bullies…the tragedies, the camaraderie and the grim humour of a dangerous, thankless job.

From the bow tie-and-knuckleduster days of the Sixties to the huge security firms of today,Bouncers tells it like it is working the doors of pub and club land.


‘Real life stories from real life bouncers!’ SUNDAY SPORT

‘A cracking romp through the world of hard bastard doormen.’ FRONT

‘Top-notch!’ FIESTA

About the authors:

Julian Davies is the author of Streetfighters and Hookers both published by Milo Books. He is currently working on a fourth book.

Terry Currie is a boxing promoter and lives in London


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