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Money, sex, drugs and danger: it’s all in a night’s work for millions of prostitutes around the world. But who are they? And how do they really feel about what they do?

Their answers are here – from streetwalkers, exotic dancers and call girls to brothel workers, strippers, dominatrix and male escorts. Forget Belle de Jour, this in the unvarnished truth of life in the sex trade.

In their own words, working hookers provide a unique glimpse into their twilight world: the drug addiction, the violent punters and bizarre requests; the run-ins with the cops, the risks, the family breakdowns and the tricks of the trade.

Controversial, shocking and explicit, but often funny and poignant, Hookers, is the most candid account ever of life inside the underground sex industry.

About the author:

Julian Davies is the author of Streetfighters and Bouncers and specialises in contemporary oral history. He lives in South Wales and is currently working on his fourth book.

What they said:

‘Real-life hookers uncovered!’ SUNDAY SPORT

‘The most shocking tales from deep within the industry.’

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