An Entertaining Addition to the Tradition of the Smuggling Memoir

This is how The Guardian describes Francis Morland’s The Art of Smuggling in its review by Ed Cumming.

Francis Morland’s autobiography, The Art of Smuggling, “as told to” the barrister Jo Boothby, is an entertaining addition to the tradition, which doesn’t stray far from the path. Morland’s selling point is that rather than being an East End scrapper (or Welsh physicist, like Marks) he is firmly upper-middle class, and was also one of the first to get deep into the cannabis game. Although he is now in his ninth decade, the book’s focus is the 60s and early 70s, and it serves as a snapshot of that time for a certain glamorous milieu.’

The Spectator also ran an article called The Art of Getting Busted and it amused us to see they had suggested an alternative book title How Not to Smuggle.

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